ConseilRH is certified partner of Sage Services Bureau

Benefits and services

  • Outsourcing of Payroll Management : Starting with the entry of the monthly data, through the management of personal data and legal declarations and up to producing payslips and processing salary payments, ConseilRH liberates companies from this heavy HR task.
  • Establishing foreign companies in France : Our HR Management experts are multilingual, this facilitates the exchange for our foreign clients wishing to be liberated from the administrative burden of French HR Management.
  • Outsourced HR Management : For a SME the charge of HR Management per employee is heavy in terms of time and money. ConseilRH offers an advantageous solution of outsourced management which allows to each SME to focus on their core business.
  • Professional employment outsourcing : By means of a partner company we offer services in the professional employment outsourcing domain as well as flexible solutions to companies working with self-employed persons.

About Conseil RH

On October 1, 2018, ConseilRH joined the HR Path group and its subsidiary Univers Paie, a specialist of Payroll and HR Outsourcing in France.