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About ConseilRH

For over 20 years, ConseilRH has been freeing small and medium companies (SME's) in France from all payroll and HR-related tasks. We manage your payroll, personnel administration and labour events, allowing you to concentrate on the more crucial aspects of your business. With ConseilRH, your French business will benefit from personalised service and essential tips and advice.

A payroll outsourcing specialist is a privileged representative of the company.

Payroll tasks demand certain skills which constantly require updating, thus, outsourcing these activities allows the company to save time and enables them to focus on the core business. We manage payroll under your direction. To outsource your payroll is not to lose control of an essential element of your company, but to gain a guarantee that the strict French legal framework will be enforced cost-effectively.

Real HRM is crucial for SMEs

Human resource management is complex, especially in France. The complexity of personnel administration (payslips, social declarations, and various obligations) remains the same regardless of the company's size. However, for small companies the required time and effort invoved is proportionally larger. For example, if mistakes are made in a dismissal procedure, this can have serious repercussions, for the company's finances and image and for the employee's personal situation. Consequently, it makes sense to share an HR department with other SMEs, centralize efforts, investments and competences and let specialists manage these complex and time-consuming obligations.

In September 2018, ConseilRH joined the HR Path Group, a global specialist in Human Resources.

This new acquisition consolidates the BPO division of HR Path, Univers Paie, and strengthens its payroll outsourcing business, particularly around SAGE payroll solutions. ConseilRH, through its international clientele, also contributes to the development of this Payroll and HR Management service offering worldwide within the 15 international HR Path offices.

“This merger with HR Path enables Conseil RH and our teams to become stronger in our original Paris Area location (Croissy-Sur-Seine) that was an important point for me. Our similar corporate cultures and complementary Payroll & HR know-how will enable us, I am sure, to develop even faster in the BPO Payroll and HR segment for SMEs in France.”

Lucien Brossard, Conseil RH founder.

“Lucien and I have known each other for 8 years and we finally agreed it was the right moment for this merger. Conseil RH drew our attention to its international aspect. Indeed, the company provides an outsourcing service to international companies owning affiliates in France.”

François Boulet, HR Path President.

About HR Path

HR Path, a global human resource leader, which offers comprehensive services ranging from strategic thinking to the deployment of integrated tools in the field of human resource global HR solutions specialist. From strategic thinking to the deployment of software integrated, they offer complete solution within the field of Human Resources.

HR Path has four main (4) business lines:

  • HR and HRIS Business Consulting
  • HRIS Implementation Oracle, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday
  • Outsourcing of HR solutions and services
  • Design and Distribution of HR Software (“BiHRdy”)

The group, established in 2001, has over 700 employees, supports more than 1,200 clients and generates over €90 million in revenue. Headquartered in Paris, HR Path also has international subsidiaries in 15 different countries.