ConseilRH Implantation en France de sociétés étrangères - Establishing foreign companies in France

Establishing foreign companies in France

Establishing a physical presence in France allows foreign companies to be much closer to the local customers. The challenge for these companies is to have a local branch at lower cost, that is to say to retain the right formula and to compensate the language barrier.

Establishment in France without language barrier

In order to simplify the entire business creation process, ConseilRH has qualified bilingual staff with whom you can easily and clearly define your needs and perform the following activities in particular :

  • Establishment of administrative, tax and legal procedures for creation/ adherence to URSSAF (Social Security), Employment Centre, Pension and Insurance Fund, Occupational Health Department, apprenticeship tax and center for foreign VAT taxes.
  • Account creation in hosted bank, if necessary.
  • Follow-up of contracts and other administrative documents.
  • Litigation Management / mail following the creation of the company.

An economic process

Managing the creation of a company, when performed by several intervening parties, will quickly become very costly and time consuming, not to mention that the monitoring process will be almost impossible to achieve. By entrusting the entire company creation procedure to a single point, a foreign company in France achieves significant cost savings.

ConseilRH, a sustainable business in France

Indeed, as soon as all legal, tax and social security declarations are made, you benefit from the expertise of ConseilRH for the daily management of your HR, in the same way as any other French company using the HR Management outsourcing services of ConseilRH.

In other terms our establishment service in France is more than a simple administrative operation, since we offer a follow-up of the time management of your French employees

First steps on the French market

Our offer is very suitable for foreign companies wishing to forge a first experience in the French market, without the hassle of the cumbersome registration process at the RCS (France business registry). This type of structure, also called liaison office, nevertheless allows to employ French employees who will probe the French market and prepare a more sustainable establishment.