ConseilRH - Garanties et sécurité - Our promises

Our promises


ConseilRH was created on February 5, 1993 and is privately held by its founder and employees. We have created, in this particularly sensitive branch, innovative B2B services by sharing with our clients our technical and technological investments.

Non-disclosure – Ethics

Our only mandate is with the Company, even if we are sometimes (rarely) in direct contact with the employees. ConseilRH’s consultants all have an HR related education and experience within Personnel Departments or HR Consulting companies. They share the ethics of our profession. At the heart of these business ethics is the notion of professional secrecy and respect of persons and the company. The confidentiality terms of their work contracts are the most prominent part of their engagement with our company.
In general, ConseilRH will ensure that all information and documents that are received from the Client or which are given, to us in the execution of this contract are treated with the utmost confidentiality, whatever form they take, written or oral. This data and documents is hereafter referred to as "Confidential Data".
ConseilRH will also prevent, by all means, the reproduction and use of Confidential Data which has not been expressly authorised, when not linked to the direct execution of this contract.
ConseilRH will ensure that each team member who has access to Confidential Data has agreed to the same Confidentiality terms in writing.

The following information does not qualify as Confidential Data:

  • Data known without confidentiality before they are communicated as Confidential Data
  • Data developed by ConseilRH independently
  • Data available to the public at large or that become public through legitimate processes

ConseilRH will ensure that Confidential Data exchanged as part of the execution of the services of this contract is treated with the utmost secrecy, will not reveal or make available for third parties, without obtaining prior written consent from the Client, except if ordered to do so by a court or any other legal authority. Additionally, ConseilRH will follow the same procedure to ensure secrecy of Confidential Data of the Client company as ConseilRH would for his own Confidential Data.

In summary, ConseilRH will:

  • Not reveal Confidential Data and ensure in general their security by taking any measures deemed necessary
  • Communicate this data only to employees who, in the course of their duties, will need to use the Confidential Data
  • Alert them as to the confidential character of this data by acquiring their written engagement not toreveal Confidential Data

ConseilRH is responsible for the above stated engagement as regards his employees, madators or sub-contractors. Moreover, at the end or the breach of this contract, ConseilRH will return to the Client company all documents containing Confidential Data which had been provided to them during the length of this contract. No copy of these documents containing Confidential Data will be retained. The present non-disclosure engagement will continue for 5 years after the breach of this contract, regardless of the grounds for this breach.


The data we manipulate remains your property and it is important that it is stored on a readily-available and up-to-date software. ConseilRH thus chose the leading software for SMEs SAGE Payroll in order to guarantee total reversibility and transferability of its client’s payroll, with conservation of historical data, on a market-leading product, in a few clicks. Consequently, if breach of contract conditions are met, we guarantee that we will hand over all your files and documents, including your SAGE payroll file for the current period, at any given time of our relation – you just need to ask !


We are very invested in e-processes. All documents are delivered in digital secured form for immediate availability and quick exchanges. Data transfers to funds and administrations are done whenever possible via EDI or digital form, with or without payment attached, for total ease of mind.

Information Systems and Liberty Law

Since June 15, 2004, it is no longer necessary to declare your payroll files to the CNIL. However, our website is declared to the CNIL under the n°827331. We will give you any data from your payroll required to fill out your obligations linked to the “New Technologies and Liberty” Law on simple request.

Information systems security

Besides the different internal copies and backup systems, our files are encrypted and saved every night on an external server, which is stocked in a secure data centre. Your files are thus protected against computer breakdowns or any incident that might occur in our offices.

Legal liability

ConseilRH has contracted an insurance policy in legal liability with MMA which guarantees any incident (all included) up to 152 500 € per year and incident. ConseilRH’s responsibility is engaged for any errors incurred in the payroll through its actions and which could induce a financial claim for the Client and for which the Client had transmitted to ConseilRH the information required for payroll processing on time.
The Client remains responsible for any amounts that would have been normally due, ConseilRH being responsible for late penalties and interests.
ConseilRH will produce an insurance certificate for its policy, on simple request from the client.