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Outsourced HR Management

The outsourced HR Management is beneficial to SMEs, representing a means to simplify the tedious administrative tasks that don’t pay out. The prudent executives are not mistaken and that's why HR outsourcing is the leading sector of outsourcing of business services.

Daily outsourced HR Management

It is difficult to accurately estimate the cost of internal HR Management because it depends on the size of the company and the specifics of its staff. Nevertheless, one can name some activities, particularly time-consuming, which alone justify the choice of the outsourced HR Management :

  • Personnel administration : Behind this generic term, there is a set of activities that can not be done “mostly right”, such as payroll management, administrative and social returns or personnel management. These repetitive tasks, too prone to errors when they are processed internally, can ultimately be very costly to businesses and generate social unrest within the company.
  • Recruitment process : Starting from the job description, through the search for candidates and up to the hiring, the recruitment is paradoxically critical for the company but too often neglected in favor of other urgent matters in SMEs. By entrusting the recruitment to the payroll outsourcing specialist, SMEs save time and money.
  • Professional training : The administrative and legal complexity of the vocational training and their costs are very good reasons to outsource this process.
  • Expense report accounting : All companies must perform this task and in order to minimize the risk of error, it is a good idea to entrust the evaluation to an external provider.

Outsourcing of other HR Missions

In addition to the legal and mandatory aspects of HR Management, ConseilRH offers you a range of specific services to meet the needs of the SME life cycle. Like all recurring services of HR Management, these specific actions are made reliable by outsourcing :

  • Implementation of elections of personnel representatives,
  • Management of breach of contract (dismissal procedures, resignation etc.),
  • Establishing of DADS2 known as DADS Fees (mailing to each employee of amounts to be declared on their annual income declaration),
  • Revision and publication of internal rules and regulations adapted to your company,
  • Introduction of profit sharing agreements,
  • Unemployment insurance for managing directors and executives,
  • Analysis of the retirement and health system,
  • Follow-up of medical exam notices,
  • Personnel evaluation (staff competency analysis, annual progress reports, career counselling).

ConseilRH offer

As you can note, the ConseilRH offer is quite vast and our experience of local and international companies allows us to cover the entire HR Management services as part of an advantageously outsourced service.