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Payroll Management and Outsourcing

Outsourced payroll management is synonymous with savings for SMEs and all businesses in general: In fact, payroll management requires specific skills and occupies significant time in the day-to-day activities of SMEs.

Outsource the payroll management, is it a good idea?

If some SME executives are reluctant to the idea to outsource an important administrative service such as the Payroll Management, this is due to the fear to entrust a third party with confidential data. This fear disappears from the very first use of ConseilRH services: the high availability of our services, the quality of generated documents (payslips, analytic reports and dashboards) and the reputation of ConseilRH reassure the SME executives.

The administrative aspects of the Payroll Management

Because the activity goes far beyond a simple production of payslips, it is reserved for the specialists: In fact, the ConseilRH professionals ensure compliance with the legal provisions and deadlines by allowing the SME clients to be liberated from all aspects of the Payroll Management and to concentrate on the more crucial aspects of their business.

ConseilRH is a trusted third party that will facilitate the Payroll Management for foreign SMEs, simplifying to the extreme the administrative aspects of the French legislation.

Given that the majority of payslips in general contain errors, it makes sense to entrust the entire payroll processing to the well trained specialists in Payroll Management.

Cost saving by outsourcing the Payroll Management

The internal payroll management costs dearly, in the means of spent time, high level of HR Manager qualification requirements and in-service trainings that are constantly changing. What must be understood is the undoubted financial benefits of outsourcing the payroll compared to all direct and hidden costs in internal processing.

ConseilRH offer

Our experience of over 30 years in the HR outsourcing is at your service for all types of Payroll Management projects. Because we rely on market standards and always favour the customer relationship, we solve all small and large scale problems related to the Payroll Management. See our online quote form for a first estimate of your needs.