ConseilRH - Portage salarial - Professional employment outsourcing

Professional employment outsourcing, a flexible solution

The Professional employment outsourcing is seen as the easiest solution to practice independent business by retaining an employee status. Behind this concept lies a wise way for companies to release the heavy constraints.

Professional employment outsourcing benefits

Associated to the consulting business, it offers a range of significant benefits :

  • The consultant receives an employee status and all the inherent benefits.
  • Drastic reduction of administrative tasks allowing you to focus on the core business.
  • Capacity to issue invoices in serenity, without declaring a status of a company or self-employed.
  • Savings for the corporate client, wishing to conduct ad hoc consultations by an outside party.

Additional offer of the ConseilRH services

ConseilRH provides a set of integrated solutions that facilitate the HR Management and the administrative management of companies established in France. Regarding the Professional employment outsourcing, we collaborate with our partner Neteem.